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Page tracker

You’ve found our page tracker: our lightweight replacement for Google Analytics. We use this to monitor how people are using our website, and to report aggregate statistics back to people. As one example, we want to let people who post jobs on know how many page views their job ads got.

Where we track

This tracker is used on,, and

What we track

Pageviews: on loading a page, which may be highly cached, we make a unique call to (a random number) & u= (the page you're on now) & type=pageview.

What we don’t track

Unlike Google Analytics, we don't assign a user ID to you (so we can’t track you personally). This system does not use cookies, and it cannot view any cookies on our other websites. We have no way of knowing who you are, or any of your personal information.

Tracking data we keep temporarily

Tracking events make a standard AWS CloudFront log entry. That includes your device's IP address, a referrer and your user-agent string.

How long we keep this temporary data

Website log entries are removed automatically after 180 days.

Who has access

To the data in full?, and nobody else.

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